Leadership Development Programmes


We also conduct full Leadership and Management Development Programmes that provide a number of training modules in conjunction with coaching.

As well as full Programmes, we also offer bespoke training solutions based on specific organisational briefs – we do not believe that ‘one size fits all.’ Our training is based on experiential learning and we make our training real, fun, and relevant to the individuals’ needs and experience.

In advance of conducting any training, we would meet with you to discuss your requirements and to ensure that we have clarity on your business objectives and the management team in place.
Some of the things we get asked to include are:

  • From managing to leading.
  • Values and beliefs – are they limiting or empowering and how do we change?
  • Inclusive and shared leadership at senior management level.
  • Engagement and motivation techniques.
  • Leading creativity and innovation.
  • How you impact as a leader – your actions, language and behaviour.
  • How to be an authentic manager/leader.
  • How to performance coach your direct reports.
  • Language patterns – how to identify them and use them and limit miscommunication.
  • Operational vs. Strategic – where lies the balance at the senior level?
  • Designing and running meetings with high impact in half the time.
  • Champions of change and our role.
  • Empowering others, supportive cultures and building communities.
  • Your team in participative leadership.

If some of the things we have mentioned above have made you think that your organisation and some of your people would really benefit from having some development in a particular areas, then let’s talk. We’d be happy to come and meet you to discuss anything further with no obligation.