Up-skilling Radio Staff

We offer various coaching and specialist training modulesĀ for all positions within radio.

Training programmes range from getting the best from Talent for producers and Programme Directors, to how to increase sales performance for Executives, Managers and Directors.

Courses include:

  • An Introduction To Radio Sales (For those new to radio sales or limited experience)
  • Advanced Radio Sales Skills (For those who have radio sales experience).
  • Brief TakesĀ & Sales Proposal Writing
  • Managing Radio Talent
  • Coaching Presenters
  • Innovation and Creativity for S&P, Marketing & Programming
  • Generate New and Creative Approaches to Programmes or Content
  • Running Effective Brainstorms and Using Creativity Enhancement Techniques
  • The Breakfast Show Essentials
  • How To Write and Produce Humour
  • NLP Skills for Script Writing
  • NLP Skills for Journalists
  • NLP Skills for Producers
  • NLP Skills for Presenters
  • NLP Skills for Relationship Selling
  • Motivation Your Sales Team
  • Presentation Skills
  • Persuading and Influencing