Focus Groups



At Purely Media People we provide insight related projects and consultancy. Quite simply put; we help you understand what your audience or clients think about your output or your company, so you can make informed decisions about how you move forward with your audience or client strategy.

The work we do involves talking to carefully selected people – getting their valuable feedback about your product and your competitors too. We deliver the results of the findings along with our own suggestions, recommendations and strategic options for you to consider when targeting new commercial customers or looking to increase audience.

Our research projects involve talking to real people either in interviews or focus group environments. We dig deep to explore individuals motivations and needs – providing you with valuable insights into how they perceive you and your competitors. We design and manage all aspects of the project.

If you want to know what your audiences or clients think, want and need – then Purely Media People can help. We provide what is necessary to make informed and strategic decisions about your organisations next steps in audience or customer strategy.