Commercial Radio

radioownerstrip2We have worked with most of the larger UK Commercial Radio companies, including Bauer, Global, Guardian Media Group, UTV and UKRD.

Magic 105.4 – London.  Up-skilling training, including:

  •  Writing with impact and higher levels of connection for on-air promotions, web teams and programme scriptwriters.
  •  How to generate creative ideas quickly  for clients and programme landmarks.


Global Radio

  • Regional Sales and Commercial Teams Training – “Selling in challenging times”.
  • LBC Radio – Producer Training.


UTV Radio.

  • Full Leadership Development Programme and Executive Coaching for Senior Managers – across UTV’s portfolio.


Guardian Media Group.

  • Breakfast Bootcamp Seminars for Programme and Content Teams.
  • Facilitation of strategy and brand development days.
  • On-line sponsorship and promotions team training.
  • Bespoke Talent Coaching.


Orion Media.

  • Breakfast Producer Training
  • Programme Director Executive Coaching.


UKRD Group. 

  • Sales and commercial training.
  • Commercial impact coaching.


Due to the nature of our work, some aspects of our consulting and coaching are of a confidential nature, limiting the detail we publish here.  However, we are happy to discuss more specific detail with you on a one-to-one basis, in the areas in which you have an interest.


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